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This third free video tutorial covers getting shared hosting for your business website – or any website, up to you. This free tutorial is almost 70 minutes long and contains everything you need to setup your hosting with your domain name you purchased in free Video Tutorial W2 – Buying Domain Names.0

I cover an overview of the 3 types of hosting – shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated hosting and then walk you through step by step getting shared hosting at Godaddy. There are a number of tips you will learn to buy hosting cheaper and save yourself some aggravation during the hosting setup process.

Set aside an hour, get some coffee and snacks, and watch this “Getting Shared Website Hosting” video tutorial and learn a crucial skill you’ll need for setting up your ebusiness!

Third video tutorial in the "Website" series (W-Series).
Third video tutorial in the "Website" series (W-Series).

How can you get this free “Getting Shared Website Hosting” video tutorial?

Sign up over there on the right side —->

or, click here.

You’ll get links to the videos as they are completed. There will be at least 30 free video tutorials to help you with your basic online skills. There may be skills you are not 100% on, things you’ve forgotten, or things you never knew contained in these tutorials. I highly recommend reviewing them all before continuing on to the EBusiness PRIMER or PRO courses.

If you have any suggestions for how to make the videos more interesting – they’re welcome.

If you want to see the notes I created as an outline for this video tutorial on buying domain names, you can see that in PDF format here:

W3 – Getting Shared Hosting ->

As you can see if you look at this PDF file – there isn’t 70 minutes of information here about getting shared hosting and hosting options for your online business. This is a skeleton outline of the free video. There is always more info in the video tutorials than the PDF outlines – but, I give them to you anyway – just in case you want to get a glimpse of the course material.

Here’s a complete list of the video tutorials we’ll be offering:

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