eBusiness PRO Course

The eBusiness PRO Course is specifically for those that already know what they’re doing online either because you completed the 34 Lesson eBusiness Course primer that we offer or because you’re well-versed in online marketing and online business.

The eBusiness PRO Course is for those of you that want to take it to the next level and do all you can to create the most successful business online possible. This is a collection of information from the greatest sources available on the internet as well as a compilation of unpublished material created specifically for this PRO Course.

eBusiness PRO Course Overview

Lesson 100P – Your Site WILL Sell

Lesson 200P – Google: In-Depth Optimization Tactics

Lesson 300P – Internet Marketing, Reaching for the Stratosphere

Lesson 400P – Web 2.0: Using Social Media to Propel Your Success

Lesson 500P – Web Video: Optimizing Your Video, and Video as the Future

If you purchase this Pro Course first and you’re a bit bewildered by the level of training we strongly recommend you join the 34 Lesson eBusiness Primer Course and then when finished come back and complete the Pro Course.

It’s impossible to estimate who is ready for the Pro Course and who isn’t. It’s safe to say that if you finish the Primer course and you understand what’s going on – you WILL understand the Pro Course, but it may take more effort to do so. It is WELL worth the effort to do so.

If at anytime you’re stuck with a word, phrase, or instruction – just let us know, we’ll be glad to clarify it for you. You’ll also have access to the eBusiness forum and all other members in the forum that have purchased either the Pro or Primer courses.