eBusiness Marketing FAQ

Once you’ve got the basics down and your online business is ready to move forward guess who needs to move it forward?

Mmm hmm. You. You’ll need to launch your online business like you’re trying to push start a 747 jumbo jet. Hit the ground running and don’t look back – always be looking forward.

This is just a clever euphemism for marketing. You’re going to be marketing and marketing and marketing for years – forever really, there’s no point in ever stopping. Marketing makes or breaks businesses. Online businesses are no different in this regard than traditional businesses.

Online marketing is a different beast. You can slay this beast with the online training courses we have here, but know that e-marketing, or online marketing, is forever changing and you’ll need to make it a lifelong effort.

To me, online marketing is a lot of fun. Somtimes it’s a drag – but, when I think back on what I’m doing – I’m marketing MY business, not someone else’s. I benefit when things go right – ME. That’s pretty exciting and something I always have energy for.

Here are some eBusiness marketing questions that are frequently asked by entrepreneurs ready to “Give it all they’ve got!”