Dual Screen Booklets from Microsoft? Acer?

Here’s something that I think has tremendous use – and I’d buy one in a second. I’d never before thought of a 2 screen book type “reader” but, with this little bugger I could do SO much more than read ebooks.

I love the idea of being able to research, read, view things on one screen and take notes or drag interesting pieces onto another page to store, print later. That’s awesome. Add a wireless keyboard, wireless 3g and a decent processor, web cam, microphone inputs, and even SIM card slot and it could really do a lot.

Make it work with Google’s “Wave” and it’s going to be dynamite blowing up… what’s a netbook?

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Courier Booklet >
(needs a new name obviously)

Be sure to see the video below the article as it brings to life just how cool this thing might be.

Then, go see ACER with a similar idea – at least hardware-wise.

Would you be able to use this?

Microsoft's Courier Booklet

3 thoughts on “Dual Screen Booklets from Microsoft? Acer?”

  1. Hi Vern.
    With your recent HD FAIL on your HP netbook I’d think you would be gun shy of tiny tinny netbooks…Guess not. Lets wait a year and see how these fair before we get excited about them. Most hardware companies find a way to screw up new products and as you know it takes a while to judge reliability. Best wishes,Lee

    • Hi Lee – yeah, you’d think I’d shy away from gadgets altogether – but I can’t. Anything that helps me produce whatever it is that I produce – I must have. In this case I’m hoping they pop a 64gb solid state drive in there that won’t break. It will be funny if Apple now comes out with a tablet – with one screen… as they’re big product while Microsoft, Acer, and soon more are already into the much better, more useful, fun – 2 screens. Thanks for writing Lee – take it easy over there and get some exercise if you got it in you.

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