Digital Video to Market Your Business

Online video is one of the prime ways to market your business now and in the years to come. Just now, in 2015 video is recognized as the ultimate marketing tool – even for small business owners with few resources. There are kids on YouTube right now making a couple thousand dollars per week just by creating their own bizarre videos. It isn’t just for big companies making millions of dollars a year, it is for you and I, and we’d best take advantage of it!

Why should you use video for your corporate marketing?

Video marketing in the past was only for large companies with lots of cash. Shooting videos for television is a couple thousand dollars per day expense. Few small companies delved right in and shot lots of video. Everything is changing now. Small companies are incorporating video into their business marketing plans and it is hardly making a dent. Why is that?

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen entry-level video become the norm – even in business. This has, in a way, opened the door for every small company to get involved in producing video – without fear. It is not hard to create business videos inside your home or yard… sitting by your pool, or at your office.

Paying professional video companies is still expensive – it is big business because most companies still think they need to pay the outrageous fees and get ultimate quality. The average acceptable quality video for the web can be shot with a $200 camera or mobile phone. No joke.

6 Facts About Video Marketing You Need to Know:

1. Hosting video is nothing special anymore. GoDaddy shared hosting can even handle it. I use BlueHost shared hosting and KnownHost virtual private servers and any of the three can handle video downloads. The speeds aren’t blazing speed, but when you’re paying $5 per month per site, what do you expect? It is fast enough for almost all users. There is no special streaming necessary anymore from your website server.

Probably there is no reason at all for you to host your videos anyway. Sign up with YouTube, Vimeo,, or other free video hosting site and expose your videos to the millions of people watching video each day there. We use the embed function to put videos directly on pages of our business blogs.

2. Expensive camcorders are not necessary for web video. We have a hard time distinguishing which is better at 1920 resolution shot with our Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, versus our Nikon DSLR camera. Phones have become VERY good at video, and you should use one. The biggest problem is just holding the lightweight phone steady enough to get a good image. Use a tripod and you’re set. As years go on the standard quality will be raised, but we’ve been using cell phones successfully for the past year and the video results we get is just fine.

3. You don’t need expensive software programs like Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro. For most projects you can use either Microsoft’s Movie Maker, iMovie, or just QuickTime for Mac computers.

4. Don’t spend your time and money on converting your video to 6 different types so everyone online can view it. Instead, when you upload to YouTube or one of the other video hosts nearly anyone can view your videos there.

5. Marketing video is not expensive. One of the fastest ways to get your videos out to as large an audience as possible is to join TubeMogul. They will send your video out to a number of online video services for you after you upload your video to them. This saves you hours of time with just a handful of videos.

6. You don’t need a professional video company helping you. Practice until you have something that works. You probably can produce video that is engaging, and technically adequate to use for your business website. Shoot and re-shoot. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your product videos. Study other videos in your niche to see what works and what doesn’t. You can learn an awful lot by studying what others have already done.