Create Your Own Digital Video for Your Business

Creating digital video may sound involved, complicated, but you can probably make your own. Look at it as a learning experience, you’ll have skills you can use over and over. The internet has gone completely over to video and you should have the basic required skills to make your own video.

Video can be used to show almost anything online. Shooting your own video gives you the power to create exactly what you want by re-shooting until it’s perfect and represents your company in the best way possible.

Creating digital video for your new business need not be expensive. If you have a digital video camera right now you can give it a shot. I’ll list the basic steps below, with some tips for creating high quality video for internet use.

1. Create a spreadsheet and outline the video. What will the length be? What is best time of day to shoot it? Who will be in it? What size will the video be on your website? Where will you host it? Will YouTube work? It’s free – that works for many people.

2. Shoot the video. Use a tripod to steady the camera. Plan out each shot. Rehearse if necessary. Vary camera angle for different shots if you can, straight on video makes for very bored viewers.

Remember lighting and sound are the two critical areas that you must work hard to make perfect.

Best formats are mpg and avi – both of which convert to other formats easily. Shoot and re-shoot scenes until you’re certain you have what you need for the final product when you pull all the good parts together and edit out the errors.

3. Edit your video. Cut out the bad, arrange the good in an order that makes sense. Add titles to the beginning and end. Consider adding more titles inside the video’s time line if they can help explain something better. If you use charts – beware of small characters and lines because when video is compressed it destroys the fine details.

I use the free Microsoft Windows Movie Maker for many of the videos I create. If you’re just starting out you should too. It creates great movies and allows some manipulation of the effects, transitions, sound, and even brightness and speed of your videos. Movie Maker is simple to learn and easy to figure out. Practice with this program so you master it. It’s a simple, but great skill to have.

4. Have staff review your editing. It’s easy to view a preview of the final product.

5. Create your files. Choose the largest file you can make when you convert your video because you never know when you’ll need a good copy to show on your notebook computer to someone. The online versions are small and very compressed, the quality is not so good.

Secondly, create the files you’ll put online. If you’re sending to YouTube or some other major online video service you can probably just send them the large files you just made. They’ll convert them and your video will look as high quality as possible.

Resolution I usually shoot the video in is at 640 x 480. I choose the “high quality” setting before I convert the video.

6. After you’ve finished uploading to YouTube or other service you can copy the embed code which will allow you to put it on your own website.

You will learn a lot as you create your own videos and make them live online. Professional video services are very expensive, this is a skill that will save you a lot of money.