Choosing Keywords for Your New Business Website

Choosing keywords to focus your business website on is no easy task.

Why would you want to choose keywords to focus your business website on in the first place?

Google and other search engines take a look at all the words, images, links, page names, all the files on your business website they can ‘see’ and they create a profile of your site according to a very complex algorithm that allows them to compare sites to each other. This helps them pick the right results when someone goes to their search engine search page and searches by using keywords.

Search engines want to report great results that match what the searcher is looking for – so there can be a match between what the searcher wants and what s/he sees in the results.

Google is pretty good at this. Some say, the best. Though there is a lot of up and coming competition – even Microsoft is getting back in the game with it’s new “” search engine.

When you choose keywords to focus your business website on – you’re essentially choosing the keywords that you hope searchers will find your business for in the search engines. If you sell stainless steel cups you probably want to be found on the phrase “stainless steel cups”. Makes sense.

However… if you have a business in which the keywords are very competitive… like maybe you sell mobile phones and you have iPhone 3GS phones to sell you might think that “iPhone 3GS” would be the best phrase to be found for. You’re probably right – it’s one of them. However, the competition to get in the top 10 search results is so tight – that if you tried for 2-3 years you probably couldn’t do it. An expert would have a very hard time accomplishing this. The competition on that phrase makes it not worth trying for. It’s not really worth it to focus your entire site on this phrase because the payoff just won’t come.

What should you do in that case? If you’re selling stainless steel cups and you don’t find much competition you can target that phrase. If you’re selling iPhone 3GS phones you’ll need to find some other phrases that aren’t as highly competed for. There are many tools to use to find related phrases and terms. I like to use the Google search term tool. Enter a general term, or the phrase that describes your perfect keyword for your business and search. Keep the synonym box checked so you’ll see more results.

This tool will display a large list of keywords that you might target instead of the heavily competed phrase. If you find some terms to focus your website on that get a good number of searches each month and they’re not heavily competed for you will be much better off than you would targeting the most targeted keywords.

For business websites to be found in the search engines they need to be focused on a small group of words. This tight focus is really rewarded by the search engines as they like to find sites that are expert at specific topics, not sites with a wide focus and no real focus. Keep this in mind as you choose keywords for your business site. Don’t post articles that are off-topic. Don’t add fluff to your business site just because you want to add some extra content. Try to ensure the entire focus of the site is tight and gives a range of information about the most important subjects your business is focused on.

Shortly we’ll be coming out with an elearning course you can sign up for here in which we’ll teach you all about choosing keywords for your new business website and how to go about choosing them and implementing them. Stay tuned…