Which Blogs Make Money Online?

If your blogging focus is making money then you must have a blog that can make money. There are blogs that make money within a year and blogs that don’t. The difference between them is whether the audience your blog attracts is focused on some niche area that is easily monetized or not. The difference … Read more Which Blogs Make Money Online?

Selling Tangible Products Online

Stop Sucking Ebay’s Teat! Someone left a comment at a friend’s blog about selling on Ebay and it brought me back about 12 years when my brother and I were selling fatburners and creatine on Ebay. We weren’t “killing it” – but, netting well over $2,000 per month was nice change back then, considering we … Read more Selling Tangible Products Online

New Video Advertising Idea

Video viewing has exploded and is only getting bigger. My own videos at YouTube have had about 1.5 million views and are currently doing between 5-10,000 views per day on average. I was thinking about that today and I came up with an idea for myself that might also fit your situation as well. If … Read more New Video Advertising Idea

The “Free” Business Model

You might have heard about people giving away products or services for free online and wondered how you make money from that business model. It might go a couple of ways: 1. You could give away loads of information on your site – in the articles you write, for free. This is information you could … Read more The “Free” Business Model