Being Humble in Business

Business owners that understand this one concept can do extremely well with their own business. Being humble encompasses a lot of things. Primarily I’m talking about learning the amazing skill of “The customer is always right.” This has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with a philosophy of business that, if you … Read more Being Humble in Business

Blog or Traditional Website?

Recently new business owners are presented with an interesting question – blog or traditional website format for your business online presence. The difference between a blog and a website are numerous. Google and other search engines are leaning toward blogs now because their format allows for updates and instant creation of sitemaps which help the … Read more Blog or Traditional Website?

Corporation Types: LLC, S Corp, Profit, Non-Profit

Corporation Types: LLC, S Corp, Profit, Non-Profit Here are the major types of corporations you can choose from to incorporate your new business as. for your new business on our websites. We Corporation Type: Profit Profit corporations have traditionally been the most common corporate structure. The name is a little misleading, because Subchapter S (S-Corps) … Read more Corporation Types: LLC, S Corp, Profit, Non-Profit