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Selling Physical Products Online with a Retail E-Commerce Blog


How to Get Started Selling Physical Products at Your Blog

Go to markets and see what they have that you could sell online. We did this, and have a couple thousand dollar per month business selling something we never considered prior to beginning four years ago. We would have never imagined we’d be selling Buddhist jewelry, we just gave it a shot and it worked on a small scale. We ramped up and now have $1,200 – $2000 per month coming in from it regularly, and some months much more. When we have a sale we consistently get into the $3,000+ territory.



1. You can buy locally made products at very low cost and sell them at a very good markup. We sell jewelry items we mark up 600% regularly, some of them are marked up 3,000%. Yes, it can be that good.

2. Once your online store is successful it will be a steady earner each month.

3. Little time is required once your website is setup and you have your products photographed and uploaded at your website and any other place you wish to sell (Shopify, Amazon, Google).



1. Creating a website store takes some time, money, and effort. It might be best to create a general gift store, trying to sell all sorts of items, and then narrowing inventory down to what sells, and what isn’t worth the effort.

2. Buyers that chargeback on Paypal or through their credit card company after you send the goods.

3. Marketing requires a serious effort. You can’t just build a store and they will come. Marketing will be the bulk of your effort for the first year, two years.

4. Compared with selliing virtual products (digital products) there is no real comparison. Digital products are better in every way in my opinion.

Hint – don’t get into an ultra-competitive niche like jewelry sales, clothing sales, etc. For instance, if you are located in Asia or have access to items from Asia, target a small, tight niche like – gongs; bells; wind chimes; bamboo candles; bamboo shirts, etc.


RESOURCES just came out with e-commerce enabled WordPress themes that make it easy to list your products and integrate a shopping cart payment system with it – like Paypal, Google Payments, etc. Click here to see their themes, starting around $70.

Look at this company, “Red Dirt Shirts” they started out over 2 decades ago and were selling red dirt t-shirts from Hawaii when I was living there. Now they have shirts made from the red dirt of many places. The idea could be something right under your nose. Be creative and see what you can come up with.

This company started selling edible insects, worms, and scorpions after the owner noticed how sustainability was becoming a topic of worldwide interest.



This idea, selling something physical – tangible online, has one of my strongest recommendations. You already live in a foreign country, you have access to many products at the markets that you’ve never seen before. Take the opportunity to sell something online – something unique, something useful or fanciful, whatever it is – but, sell something.

As I mentioned, we started a small online jewelry store that was mildly successful, and then we ramped it up. Now we do nothing for the site but respond to email about orders, and send the orders to customers worldwide. There really is something to be said for online sales.

The biggest drawback to this one is that you need to have a website to sell your products, and maybe you will need extensive help in designing and photographing products. You could offer a web designer a share of the income off the site for a year – if they create the site for you and show you how it works. Or, you could create a site, site, or some other instant web presence (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest) that will allow you to get started quickly. Don’t forget to list your items on YouTube with links back to your online store. YouTube has a lot of viewers and many of them can be shoppers at your site if you direct them there with enticing videos of your products.



I was going to write this out, and format it real nice, but I’m tired of writing. I like video so much better. Plus, you can take it with you on your phone or tablet and even listen when you’re driving, eating dinner, or something else.

So, in this video will be 40 E-commerce tips to help you sell your products online. I didn’t pull these from anywhere online, all of these come from my DIRECT EXPERIENCE over the last 16 years selling things online – and especially from our most recent 6 year period of selling Buddhist jewelry.