Blogging for Passive Income Idea – Google Forms FlowCharts!

Sounds boring right? NOPE!

Use Google Forms to Help People Make Decisions


Overview and How to Get Started

This idea already sounds more complicated than it is. In fact, you can probably master this easily within a day. It is quite an amazing, free tool you can use to create income with, if you are creative.

The basic idea is to use Google Docs “Form” feature to help people answer some question, and lead to sales for something you are selling. You could help consumers choose which DSLR camera would be best for them, or which country in Asia might be best to move. The possibilities are endless.



1. This powerful tool is free on Google. It is fast and easily customizable.

2. You can get a summary or a spreadsheet of data after people start filling out the form.

3. You can link to the form from email, website, ebook, anywhere online.



1. It does take a few minutes, or maybe an hour, to get comfortable using the tool – it is not all that intuitive.



You’ll need a Google account from Once you have logged in, click the link for “Drive” at the top of the page in black. Then “Create” on the left side. Then “Form.”

Here is a mini-sample I created to show you what can be done to sell something with this free tool. Go through and answer the questions: Click Here.



I love this free system, and I’ve used it for many things. A hobby of mine is looking for venomous and non-venomous snakes in Thailand. I created a form to collect data from people that have seen a snake in the wild they want to have identified. I have collected nearly 1,000 Snake ID forms filled with data in less than two years. I’ve embedded the survey on my website – Click Here. You can do this too with the “embed” feature at the top of your form as you create it.

To get the right functionality, choose multiple-choice type questions. This will give you the option to choose where the reader goes after answering a question, you can direct them to the page you want them to see next. This is the whole point of using this tool, to direct people to the information they need after answering a question.