Blogging for Passive Income Idea – Blog Your Passion!

Blog About Something You’re Passionate About


Create a website about some interest you have that you are passionate about.

To start, read dozens or hundreds of articles about blogging at Darren Rowse is the blogging guru of our time. He has written excellent articles and allowed others to post guest articles about blogging. He has written a number of ebooks about blogging as well on his website. Spend a lot of time learning from the master.

Blogging requires a total effort to become successful. It used to not be the case, but today you need to spend 8-10 hours on your website a few times a week – minimum. Your goal would be to reach 1,500 – 2,000 posts about your topic within a very short time – less than two years. Think about it like this, it’s a race. Bloggers need to have more quality content on their subject than any other site in existence – in order to excel. I told you it’s a total effort!



1. Doing something you love and getting paid for it – is there any better way to go about it?

2. Set your own hours, figure out how to assure your success.

3. The rewards, the payoff if you choose one, can be substantial. Patrick Meninga’s addiction help blog,, sold for $200,000. Darren Rowse wrote articles about blogging, and his site is worth millions of dollars.

4. Once you get going and are making money from ads on your website, you can choose – sell it, or continue. A good choice to have.



1. Hundreds of hours are necessary to get your blog up to a level the search engines think it is worthy of a high ranking.

2. Payoff is little for a long time. It might be a year before you make your first dollar through ads.

3. This is a long-term project, not a year based project, think in terms of 2 – 3 years to really be doing well. And, you’ll only be doing well if you chose the right topic and put the effort into it that is required. I have a couple of blogs with 300+ posts, but they are not making me much money because I just don’t have the time to keep adding new pages filled with great information.


RESOURCES – Darren Rowse is one of the internet’s most successful bloggers and his website is all about making blogs work on a large scale. – Yaro Starak is an Australian blogger that bought himself a house and has supported himself from his blogging efforts for years. He is a very down-to-earth, no-hype type of person. I trust what he says, 100%.



More about my friend, Patrick Meninga. A few years back, maybe about 2007, he created a website about his experiences coming clean from drug addiction. He had kicked it, and wanted to share with everyone how he did so. He wrote many articles, amassing over 1,500 articles in a couple years time. Out of the blue a guy that was paying for Adsense ads on his site already, wrote him directly, and offered him $200,000 for the site. He took it. He also agreed to write more content for the buyer on a daily basis – for another $2,500 per month. That would work for me. How about you?

This is one of the most difficult ways to make money in this book. However, it is also one of the best if you have the motivation to write, take photos, and create videos about your chosen topic. Your topic must be a niche topic, tight enough that there are not already hundreds of great blogs about it. You wouldn’t choose a big topic like “Spain”. But, choose a smaller one like, waterproof digital point-and-shoot cameras. The bigger the topic, the more difficult (impossible) to get a number one ranking for it.

If you choose to blog about some aspect of the country you are living in – be sure there are not already a couple of giant websites about it filled with great information. If so, keep in mind you will have to beat them. Create a site with much more and better quality information for readers so you can beat them in the search engines.

Don’t choose a topic which will not gather links to it with time. Links are very strong contributors to the success of blogs – and if your blog isn’t getting them, you won’t do well in Google. Choose a topic that has some social relevance, that people would like to talk about with each other – and you’ll have a better shot at success.