Blogging for Passive Income Idea – Become a YouTube Partner

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Why Join YouTube as a Partner?

YouTube Partner with high views making passive income online that we can teach you how to duplicate.
One of my YOUTUBE CHANNELS – Thailand Living.
Four of my videos with high numbers of views at YouTube. Making money while I sleep.
This shows some of the variety in my videos. Tech, kids swimming in a river, a big spider, a big rat snake. Know what? The kids and the rat snake were filmed with a very, VERY basic camera – about 4 Megapixels.

Overview and How to Get Started as a YouTube Partner

There are a few ways you could go about building up to a massive success online using YouTube as a traffic generation tool.

1. Create a video show that you do recurring episodes for. If you’re an entertainer – whether you are a comedian or commenter on politics or controversial issues, news, just about anything – you can make money on every click or on each ad view your videos get at YouTube and at other sites where people embed your videos. Create and brand a show or focus on some niche you can own in a short time because the competition is either non-existent, or weak.

To start, create a video show that you make videos for daily, or every few days. Apply for YouTube partner status. This allows you to apply ads of all sorts on your videos and video pages.

2. Blog about whatever your topic is and use YouTube as supplemental traffic to your blog by linking your blog up with your YouTube account. Once you become a YouTube partner you can link DIRECTLY to your blog when your account is approved / verified.

3. Teach people how to do something. If you don’t know how to do something interesting that people have trouble learning or doing themselves, you can study a topic until you know it inside and out. There are many people becoming experts on topics that they were interested in, and just studied the best material out there to come up to speed.

The internet has made it possible to become a subject matter expert (SME) in a matter of weeks or months, not years or decades as it was before information was so freely available.

4. You need not even be on camera for some of your videos. Just use some simple software like Windows Media Player (Windows), or iMovie on Mac and string together a series of interesting photos in a slowly moving slideshow and do a voice over or write text on top of the images – Annotations – to share information.


1. Passive income. Once you upload the video, it makes money over the years without doing anything more. I made videos six years ago that have made me money since day 1. That’s a really, really nice feeling. One video we made of my pregnant wife and our daughter moving around inside her belly has almost 4 million views now. We’ve made over $4,000 with that video filmed with a 640×480 resolution mobile phone 5 years ago. Insane, right? Welcome to YouTube my friends.

2. Work hours, effort, income, is up to you. Your responsibility is to find topics that do well. Something outrageous works best. People watch video at YT for entertainment purposes primarily. Entertain them.

Here are Remi Gaillard’s top four videos at one of his YouTube Partner accounts:

YouTube Business Master - Remi Gaillard.
Remi Gaillard has over 200,000,000 views with just these 4 videos. I’ve seen the two on the left, and yeah, they are funny, but my god is he making bank at YouTube as a partner, or what?

3. YT is constantly innovating their system, resulting in more ad views and more income for you. One recent change was the addition of in-view ads, which have increased our own revenue substantially in the last couple months.


1. It may take you a long time to figure out what topics will get high page views. You might never come up with anything. Model yourself after someone that is successful in the space you want to be in.

2. If your account is registered to YouTube as an overseas account and your viewers are primarily overseas and not from the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, you will likely not make as much money as you could if your audience was mostly from one of those countries mentioned. Why? Ads are targeted to those countries – primarily. Is it a big deal? Sort of. We’re living in Thailand so we have low-income, but still, we’re doing pretty good. If you make a tech blog with supplemental YouTube videos – you can do well anywhere in the world.

3. It can take significant amounts of time to shoot, edit, and upload, optimize videos for YT. Focus on things that might work.


Here is a teen with 100,000 subscribers and 70 million video views at YouTube for her “weird talent.” Click here.

There are guys making funny videos and getting paid obscene amounts of money. Look at this guy, Remy, from France. He has about 2 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. Click here. Sure he’s talented, but if you are only a fraction as talented, couldn’t you do something similar?

Here is a guy doing reviews of camera equipment with his own quirky style that was slow at first, but eventually caught on. Kai is an Asian guy with a British accent, from DigitalRev TV, and he has about half a million subscribers and over 114 million views. Click here.

YouTube Partner Program, official site.

Some Successful YouTube Channels:

Kai’s Camera Reviews – DigitalRev TV – Over 100 million views.

KandeeJohnson Makeup Channel – over 186 million views.

Tim DeLaGhetto – Life in VLog – Over 93 million views, but he has multiple channels. How many on his Other Site? Over 498 million views.

Charlie Bit My Finger video – Over half a billion views, just this one video.

DurianRiders – an outspoken raw foodie from Australia – almost 22 million views. Oops! His account was terminated for violating some rules. That hurts. He was making upward of $6,000 USD per month from that video channel. Maybe he’ll be back on, I’ll leave this link here in the book.


This must be the ultimate ‘job’ if you can make it work. I’ve had some moderate success with this. This year we had our highest grossing month ever at YouTube, clearing $850 USD. That’s decent money. We have over 350 videos uploaded, and to tell you the truth, we never know which are going to do well and which are going to tank. Our topics are all over the place though. If you stick to one topic, like Kai does with digital photography (mentioned in preceding paragraph), and you start getting views – you just have to keep churning out the same sorts of videos that do well. If your topics are all over the place, you never really know what will do well. Much better to stick to a tight topic of interest if you’re interested in making a living from your videos.

I have a friend that uploaded over 500 videos. He had no real success at all, making less than $50 for over a year. Over the Christmas holiday he put up a video that pulled over a million views in less than thirty days. He made over $1,000 in December from that one video. Every month for the last four, he has made close to $1,000 per month. That’s something, right? You could buy a Porsche with an extra $1,000 per month for your payment.

We’ve hit $1,000 per month, but only a couple of months. Typical income at Youtube is around $500 – 600 per month. We couldn’t buy a Porsche with it. Maybe a Honda? Still, you get the idea. We have 23 million views at one account, a million at another, and over 3 million at my wife’s YouTube Channel.


Unless you’re really talented at working in front of the camera, even a little camera… it will be a hard road to find success at YouTube primarily as an entertainer. Still, I would say most people that are really SMASHING IT on YouTube are not entertainers. They’re not just creating funny or really interesting stuff out of their heads. Instead, they are TEACHERS.

Most people that are making a lot of money are teaching others how to do something, how to be, how to act, how to fix something… how to relax…. how to put on make-up. How to come to Thailand and live your life as a digital nomad (me).

Thing is, YOU NEED NOT be an entertainer. You don’t need to be a comedian. Teach people something. Don’t worry that there are already people out there teaching what you think is the SAME THING. It doesn’t matter. Do you know how many COOKIE BAKING BLOGS there are out there? Many of them are successful, pulling in a couple thousand dollars per month, even $10,000 and MORE per month. I just listened to a podcast about a woman that started filming her creations at her bakery just as an advertisement for her bakery. Today she’s STILL working at the bakery, but she’s making $11,000 per month with her bakery blog – much of it fueled by the huge traffic generation machine – YouTube.

Maybe you’re NOT a teacher. Maybe you’re not an entertainer. What then?

If you have a knack for creating funny, odd, dangerous, or otherwise watchable videos you can absolutely TEAR IT UP ONLINE. There’s a guy in France. I just know him as Remi. He started out doing practical jokes on his YouTube channel. Know what? Remi had over a BILLION YOUTUBE VIEWS the last time I checked, which was over a year ago. How many does he have now? Search for him in YouTube. He might have 1.5 Billion by now with multiple channels. Figure he’s making at least, AT LEAST $500 on 1 million views. Times 1,500. Not bad, right? $750,000 from doing really funny stunts, and pranks. You should see the videos, they are absolutely mind-wrecking they’re so funny! Doing what he loves and making bank – you GOTTA LOVE IT!

Below are some of my top videos at one of my YouTube Partner accounts. See the variety of things that do well? The MacBook Air video – 25 Reasons to Buy a MacBook Air made about 600% of the money the other snake and wildlife videos made. There is BIG MONEY in tech subjects…

Screenshot of some of my successful videos with different themes. Some of my snake videos on YouTube with high numbers of views - around a million. YouTube Video partner with snake videos that are making passive income.

Even if you have no interest in getting in front of a camera AT ALL. I strongly suggest you give it a try. After the 500+ videos I’ve done of myself doing strange stuff in Thailand, I have become quite comfortable in front of the camera when I’m filming myself. I actually like it. I’ll be adding HEAPS of new videos here at IncZen as this year goes forward. It’s something I really like, and YouTube as a traffic provider is not to be taken lightly.

Oh wait, and one more thing… My wife’s Thai food blog!

Thai girl's Thai food blog with high views in the YouTube partner program.

My wife started a little Thai Cooking Blog called, JOY’s THAI FOOD (.com) about six years ago. She made some videos, blogged some recipes at her website, and went back to work in a full-time job she loved. Go figure! ha!

We were using a junk camera for these. We had horrible lighting. Half the time she didn’t have a tripod.

But you know what?

She has 3 million views of her videos, and some decent numbers. Her Pad Thai video has almost 600,000 views – and made us some very good money as we slept.

I urge you to at least attempt to do something with YouTube. You might be one of those people that really start KILLING IT on there. If you are, you’ll be one of the happiest people we know! Make sure you TELL US!

Best of luck and life to you!