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Create an Adult Website


Overview and How to Get Started

If you have no moral conviction against it, it is hard to ignore the adult entertainment realm. The opportunity is fantastic in certain areas. I know four people creating heaps of adult content in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and the United States. They are all doing exceptionally well. One is making enough to have a very nice condo on the beach and a late-model Mercedes. Another made over ten-million dollars by selling his successful adult website he created during two years of very hard effort.

Figure out the who, what, when, where of your first shoot. Where will you sell your media, once produced? Join adult webmaster forums and read hundreds of posts about how they go about things. Find models with ads in the newspapers or contacting people through, or some other resource open-minded adults might be found.



1. Fun?

2. Surround yourself with naked people!

3. Money can be excellent once you have a lot of content.

4. Nobody has innovated the industry in decades – sex is sex and it hasn’t changed much. You could focus on niche areas like fetishes and do better than competing directly with what everyone else produces. There are sites that focus just on tickling feet, I was shocked to find out. Someone with fresh ideas could really make their mark.



1. Competition.

2. Cost of models, filming, soundtracks, locations.

3. Responsibility to keep people disease free.

4. Illegal in some countries.



Have a look at, it’s a funding platform to help you get enough money to create your video, book, or whatever other devious idea you have churning around in your head.

Some adult webmaster forums:;;;;;;



The adult industry is one good way to make money while in a foreign country, not necessarily as a participant in the activities, but shooting video or photos. Up to you…

I know a guy that shoots fetishes for websites. One of his top paying orders he continually gets is for shooting women in Keds brand shoes. The photos can be with clothes on, topless, or fully nude – but require nothing more than the shoes be visible in every photo. Strange – right? Such is the nature of the industry…

If you couldn’t imagine yourself starting your own x-rated videos or photos business, and you’re looking for an alternative way to make money in an adult industry, what about the next entry – writing erotica?


Write Adult Stories


Overview and How to Get Started

Some of the biggest successes in the ebook world have been authors who focused on the erotic literature market.

When you’re ready to begin, get a computer and a copy of Microsoft Word or download‘s “Writer” application for free, and write a story you think others would love reading. Shoot for 8,000-10,000 words, but I’ll tell you in the comments section below about someone writing 2,000 to 8,000 word short books and doing well with it.

Books can be published at Amazon and Smashwords. Do be careful, there are certain subjects which they do not publish – read the terms and conditions thoroughly.



1. Getting paid for writing has to be one of the best deals going. Commissions come in long after the book has been written.

2. It is fairly easy to find story topics to write about, start going through the fetishes if you are having trouble – there are a couple hundred or so there to choose from.

3. Write about your own sexual experiences using a pen name. Most of us already have some experience we could twist into a story.



1. If your mother found out, she’d disown you!



Join Amazon’s KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing program, and either create a book cover yourself by buying a royalty free photograph from a stock agency, or have a graphics designer create one for you for $100-200. Click here.


Send email to It is an auto-responder that will email you back with a list of graphic designers and people that will format your raw ebook so it can be converted to other popular ereader formats.



You might not think you have any skill in this area, or not enough to tackle it. I urge you to give it a try if you’re not morally conflicted about it. There is a guy from the United Kingdom that started writing his own adult stories for Amazon a couple of years ago. He came up on my radar when I saw a cover of his pop up in the recommended reading section. I thought I recognized the cover girl as a world-famous model. I wondered how he got the rights to use that image. As it turns out, the guy was stealing adult photos from websites, editing them, and turning them into covers for his own Amazon ebooks without permission!

I decided to read one of his short story compilations he’d put together. He had compiled about fifteen stories into one book. I started reading and I couldn’t believe it. The guy could hardly write at all. The stories were written at about a sixth-grade level.

Guess what? He was selling his books at a furious pace. Some of his books were ranked very high in the Amazon system. I looked further and found he had written over 90 books. Sure they only averaged about twelve pages long, with some stories as short as five pages, but they were selling. Now, nobody I know would call that a “book” – but still, Amazon called it a book and let him sell them for 99 cents to $1.99.

He was making thousands of dollars per month (and still is).

You can learn something from him because he was:

1. No good at writing.

2. Ripping off covers illegally, and yet still hadn’t been caught in a year’s time. He was successful in-spite of all these negatives.

3. Writing such short stories that they could hardly be called an article, let alone a book.

4. Successful. He quit his other job and just wrote his ridiculous little stories, and made, and is making, a LOT of money doing it.

What I’m saying is, it might be something to try. There are worse ways to make money – right?