Best Online Business to Start in 1-Day?

Today I was thinking about the best online business you could start today. In one day. Get up and running and selling something in one day.

What would that best online business be?

  • It would have to be something you could setup in 1-day.
  • It would have to be something that could actually make some amount of money right away. Regardless if it’s small money – some money.
  • You’d have to sell someone else’s product as an affiliate since you probably don’t have a product handy to sell or you’d already be selling it.

Now realize, if you don’t know what to do to set the following up you’ll be a little lost. Think of it as a project. Learn about each step however you must and finish the project. I think anyone with a sincere desire to do this can finish everything in 1 day, and, if you know someone who needs this – or, can advertise on PPC (pay per click) effectively – you can make a sale today.

What business am I talking about?

Selling WordPress themes as an affiliate. It might sound complicated to you right now – but it isn’t, and it’s entry-level. This will get bigger over the next few months and years. This is not brain surgery, but you’ll need to learn a few things. If that scares you – internet business is probably not for you. You can do this!

Here’s what I would do – these steps, in this order…

1. Get a account. This will enable you to setup order buttons on your site for whatever you are selling – a product or service. If you link it with your credit card you should be able to get it done in a few minutes. If linking your bank account – a few days.

2. Go to and click Hosting. Get the 12 month, Linux, Economy hosting package. Before you checkout choose “add a domain name to this order” from the upper right hand side of the order page.

3. Choose a domain with keywords about WordPress Themes. If you don’t know what they are – no matter. Choose something like; Etc. anything related to wordpress themes. Get the .com version – 1 year time. Add the domain to the order. Now you have hosting and domain name in your “cart”.

4. Go to and look up “Godaddy coupons”. Here’s the recent page, there may be a newer one – check expiration dates on the coupons before using.

Don’t click anything on that page – just write down the codes…

you need the code that resembles: cjcdeal63

In fact, try that code specifically because it gives you 20% off hosting.

5. Enter the coupon code into the Godaddy checkout system on the bottom of your order. More than one coupon may fit your order so try a few of the codes and see which gives you lowest price.

6. Go through entire ordering process. Ignore every upsell you get from Godaddy as you don’t need them.

7. Go to Download latest version. Link is here:


8. Unzip that into a folder on your hard drive.

9. You should have Godaddy notices that came in your email saying Congrats… etc. Login to your Godaddy account. Choose Hosting / My hosting account.

10. Click the link to the right of the hosting account that says setup or manage account – I can’t remember which and all mine are setup already so even if I login I won’t know what you’ll see.

11. During the process it will ask you to assign a domain name with the hosting – you want to choose the domain name you just bought. It should be there as a default. You’ll also choose a hosting username and password – remember these. These are for stats and FTP’ing.

12. Once setup – and this might take 20 minutes, go back to Godaddy “my hosting account” list and click the left link over your hosting account (the name of your domain).

13. Find the link for Database. Create a new database. Remember descrip, name, password. WordPress operates using this database so you have to give WordPress the login info you create here.

14. While in the Godaddy control panel for your hosting – enable stats too – it’s the left-most icon under the stats section. Once you click that left-most icon the next screen lets you check a box to enable stats. In a day or so you can start getting stats by going to You’ll need to enter your hosting username/password name. The stats are lame – they include bounces, but better than nothing to start.

15. Go here and get instructions for how to setup WordPress on your hosting account (computer server that Godaddy is ‘renting you’).

16. You’ll need to modify the wp-config-sample.php file to add your database information. For the HOST part – you will need to enter it… If your database has been setup (takes an hour or so) you can go back to it in the control panel at Godaddy and click on the databases icon. There is a pencil icon – to edit the database. You can click that. It will show the host – or maybe you’re already looking at the host? It’s a url similar to this:

17. When you save the wp-config-sample.php file be sure to rename it as “wp-config.php”.

18. Use your FTP program to upload all files and folders that you find in the folder you unzipped WordPress into. You will find a “wp” folder in your folder. Open that wp folder and find 3 folders inside with some files. All files and the 3 folders must be uploaded to the Godaddy hosting account by FTP.

I use Firefox 3 browser with the “FireFTP” plugin since it’s free and very simple to use/learn. I recommend it over paying $30 for some other FTP program that is more confusing to use.

If you don’t know how to FTP – you’ll need to learn here. Basically it means taking folders / files on your hard drive and moving them to another computer (a computer at Godaddy). It’s basically like drag and drop between folders. There must be a tutorial for FireFTP somewhere.

19. Follow all steps in the WordPress famous 5-minute installation guide I gave you the link for.

20. You should now have a WordPress blog platform. They emailed you your login and password  login: admin pw: they choose it.

21. It might take you 2-3 hours to figure out what you’re doing there with WP. Find some tutorials -there must be 1000 out there. Learn it for a couple hours. Primarily you want to learn how to post and how to create pages. You’ll also want to know how to get into the code behind the WYSIWYG editor because you’ll need to put PayPal button code there.

22. Click the yellow box below to get the Thesis theme. It’s $87. It will enable you to change the colors and layout of your theme without editing code – which is VERY helpful if you’re not a programmer.

Thesis is an entry-level way to get involved in WordPress. Thesis is a theme that can be manipulated – changed – many different ways. Some of the top experts on the planet use the theme because it simplifies changes and they can focus on creating content – not coding. Disclosure – I make a small commission off this sale. (which is exactly what you’ll be doing later… 🙂 ) They accept PayPal payments.

23.  Unzip your thesis theme into a folder on your computer. You’ll then upload all files from that theme into your folder at your hosting account via FTP just like you uploaded the WP files to your server at Godaddy. The folder the themes go into is:

You’ll see “default” and “classic” folders in that directory already. Leave them there and just add the thesis folder there also.

24. Login to WordPress and in left side column choose Appearance / Themes. Click on the Thesis theme. Choose “Activate” from upper right side preview window.

25. Get familiar with thesis and how it changes your website. Choose a clean site design.

26. Create About (about you) page, Contact page. Include a nice photo of you and your family if you have one all together.

27. Go to and register as an affiliate. You will be selling their Thesis theme – the one you just bought. Best to make sure your website has been setup and has a couple pages of information they can see.

28. Once approved to sell the Thesis theme you’ll login to the control panel at and go to Promotions / Banners & Links. Choose “get banner code” from one of the banners. Copy that code.

29. Paste that code into a page or post on your WordPress blog. When you hit Publish – that banner/box will show live on your site. It has the code that will identify your account as the one that sent the buyer to You’ll get credit for it. They pay to your PayPal account when balance reaches $100.

30. Add a signature to your emails that includes links to your new website sales page for the Thesis theme. Ideally you’ll have a video on that page that describes what Thesis is and why someone would want to use it – and use WordPress. Basically it’s a very simple way to get into WordPress and use it – configure it, customize your website (blog) to look as you wish it to look.

Before this – one must have known code to change options – colors, fonts, etc. Now – no need. ANYONE can get in there and have a very nicely designed blog with Thesis.

31. Join Google’s Adsense or some other pay per click (PPC) program to send traffic to your site. You probably canNOT use “thesis” or “DIYthemes” as keywords in your pay per click campaigns as it would be a conflict of interest with the company – they probably want to reserve that for themselves. They’ll probably cancel your account if you try it. Stay above board.

Choose long-tail keywords like…

  • how to start wordpress
  • wordpress beginner
  • wordpress novice
  • easy wordpress
  • simple wordpress site
  • how to learn wordpress
  • easiest wordpress theme
  • changing options in wordpress

32. Send an email to everyone you know that doesn’t have a website and that might have an interest in starting one. Tell them you can help them get started with WordPress – and you’ll teach them how to do it all (after all, now you know). Now you have skills you can sell.

Right now there’s a large chasm between those that know what they’re doing online and those that wish they knew but don’t think they’re smart enough.

I’ve just given you a LOT of the steps you need to get through in order to learn how to help people get setup with their own WordPress blog. Now – market to everyone you can and try to set them up. You could charge maybe $99 to help them with this whole process. Charge them using Paypal buttons on your site where they can pay for different packages. The banner links can give you another $28 for each person that you set up on WP.

The two reasons this is the best business to start right now is because:

1. It’s fast. One day setup.
2. It’s timely… in the coming months and year you’ll see that a LOT more themes come out with configurable options like Thesis that make it easy for beginners to get involved in WordPress. You can sell MANY OTHER THEMES as they pop up. Smart developers always have affiliate programs you can join and make commission from.

Marketing your business is the hard part for most of us. Find out a LOT about marketing and get to work on this little niche. If you can sell a couple of these packages per day – that’s a business. If you live overseas in Asia like I do and sell one of these a day – you can survive easily.

Good luck!

If you have questions about the process or I’ve said something you don’t understand, let me know. Please don’t ask me to describe the process better for you! You know this took 90 minutes to write! lol…