Best Business Webhosting for Your Money?

Finding a good web host is a bit of a dilemma because anyone you ask has had good and bad experiences with the top companies. I have tried a half-dozen web hosting companies over the years and I’ve found two that I strongly suggest you use if you are concerned about money and keeping your files safe from disappearing.

In 1998 I started putting websites on Godaddy (.com) and, overall I’ve had a good experience there. In the past 12 years I’ve had over a hundred websites hosted at Godaddy and it’s a great place to start. If you’re just starting out – it’s a no-brainer, use Godaddy.

Why Godaddy?

Godaddy is the largest domain registration company, and probably the largest web hosting company too at this point. They have very good equipment and it’s tough to beat their prices. Their customer service isn’t all that great because you have to go through the first couple levels before you get someone that knows what they’re doing. I suspect the first level is a robot actually! I don’t have any proof for that, but you’ll see if you use their support how far off the first response seems to be from answering your question.

Entry-level shared webhosting packages at Godaddy will cost you $3-4 dollars per month. Yes, seriously, that cheap. Your bandwidth and server space will be large enough for almost any business you have, though the response of the servers because they are shared is rather slow. If speed is essential you’ll want to use the next company I talk about.

You can host all your files with Godaddy – including video. There are two more hosting package options – deluxe and premium that give you a faster server response and even unlimited bandwidth and server space.

A nice bonus when hosting your site with Godaddy is that you can get domain name for two-dollars.

Godaddy has a wide range of features to choose from like email, private domain registrations, dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and starter sites. Probably anything you could want – they have.

The other company I highly recommend is KnownHost (.com).It’s a more robust solution to your webhosting needs. Meaning, if you need very fast servers and database response along with the ability to add custom programs on the server where your site resides, you will want to choose KnownHost. Price at KnownHost can be more or less, depending what your needs are.

A basic site hosting service at KnownHost will run $25 per month. Thing is – if you have more sites to host, you can add them to that same account. So – if you have 15 websites – like I do, you can host them all at one KnownHost account. This saves me money over accounts at Godaddy – which requires a separate account for each site.

KnownHost has what they call, “Virtual Private Servers” instead of shared hosting. The difference in server response is quite tangible and now that I’ve been with them for a year I’d never go back to shared servers.

The management of your hosting account is a little bit different too. The control panel is a little less intuitive than Godaddy’s control panel or dashboard system. If you’re a beginner with web hosting you’ll need someone to walk you through it and teach you the basics. Once you learn that the support at KnownHost is just phenomenal. I’d love to see all support become like them. They solve your question 100% and you’re not dealing with any 1st or 2nd level support before you reach someone who knows what they’re doing. They all know what they’re doing.

So, there they are, my top two recommendations for business (or personal) webhosting – Godaddy and KnownHost. If you go with one of these you have the best chance of having a great hosting experience.