Best Business for 2020?

Learn to code Swift apps with

We’re mid-way through the decade, and it’s time to talk once again about doing something amazing with a new business career. 2015 is the year of XCode and Swift. What in the world are those, right?

Swift is the new Apple coding language just released in June, 2014. Swift takes Objective-C down for the count as the preferred code for developing iPhone and other iOS applications for the App Store at Apple.

Why Code Apps with Swift in 2020?

  • breaking technology – just released
  • easier to learn code than ever with (free)
  • killer tutorials out there to learn from
  • get the jump on other programmers that are lazy to switch

Swift is already starting to revolutionize the way apps are coded. XCode was pretty good with Objective-C, but I found it unnecessarily complicated and unfun. Swift with XCode is a new experience that is easier, more intuitive, and full of more features.

Isn’t Swift Notoriously Difficult to Learn?

Who told you that?!!

No, not really at all. Actually it is the EASIEST high-level language to learn from scratch, EVER. Heaps of development went into development of this new code, and XCode released a new version to mesh with it as well. The two act in tandem to tagteam apps, and not tagteam YOU any more. If you haven’t checked out the latest XCode 6 – you can download it now at the Apps Store. Free.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines and haven’t jumped head-first into coding because:

  • you’re lazy
  • you’re fearful coding is too difficult
  • you don’t know where to start
  • you can’t think of a good reason to make money this year
  • you love living where you are and driving what you’re driving


If you’re lazy to learn a new coding language, look at me. I’m 48, almost 50 here. If you’re not 90 and have a short-term memory dysfunction, you CAN learn this year to code Swift.

If you’re fearful it’s too difficult, for god’s sake, there are ten-year-old kids learning to program C++. Some kids under 15 have some best-selling, highest-grossing apps in the App Store already. You can code if you passed Algebra or Chemistry in high school. Even if you didn’t. You’re smarter now than when you were in high school – right? I sure am.

You don’t know where to start? I just took care of that little problem for you by building out a complete site, Swift Monk (.com)! I decided that in 2020 I’d start coding iPhone Apps. I looked for some training. Most of it was horrible. I looked harder. I found a couple of decent tutorials. I looked more. I found some more. Finally, I decided to help other beginner coders get their feet wet and start programming immediately. I created Swift Monk to help you acquire all the preliminary skills you will need to ensure success when you purchase a Swift Code Course in a few weeks / months.

There is just no way to learn all that is required by joining a paid course today. The courses that are paid assume a level of knowledge that you don’t have yet. Me too. Unless ou programmed for a couple of years already, you don’t have the background to go straight in and buy a paid Swift Tutorial Class and pass it. Probably you’ll just drop out because you’re bored out of your mind. That’s the thing about coding – and the reason I never got started when I was younger. Writing HTML was more fun for me. Trying to outwit Google, Yahoo, InfoSeek, and other S. Engines was more fun. Today it isn’t any fun anymore.

You know what’s fun today? Looking up the salaries and benefits package of Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, and other dotcom corporations. That’s really fun for me because it motivates me to master Swift this year. There’s no way I’ll fail because I’m so committed to knowing it this year. You can be too.

If you don’t know where to start, guess what? I didn’t either. Then I made a place to start! The new SwiftMonk site is an iOS development course for absolute noobs comprised of the best free training that I could find online after six weeks of research. Then, I put the videos, PDFs, and podcasts into one outline and broke it down into individual lessons you can sign up for at the main site. Emails come a few times each week to tell you what to study. You do it and move on through the course, accumulating knowledge that will lead to you having a very good BASE of understanding so you can take one of the paid courses.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been driving a Honda Jazz (Fit) for the past three years. I’ve been happy enough with it, they’re awesome little cars, but now my daughter is 5, my wife is ready for a new car. I’m ready for a new car. I’m thinking about the Porsche Cayenne! haha! Joking. Over here in Thailand those SUVs have a 100% luxury tax so we end up paying a quarter-million dollars for one! I’ll settle for a nice Lexus RX330 or whatever the latest small Lexus SUV is. What about you? Anything you’re dreaming about for 2020?

What about Travel?

Learn code in 2020 and you can become a digital snob! I mean Digital Nomad! You can travel the world and make money wherever you end up. If you have an internet connection – you can have income. That’s pretty amazing, right? Don’t you WANT THAT for yourself?

I certainly want to continue it. I’ve been nomadic for 10 years now. I’ve done a lot of different projects online, and I’m ready to take it up another level. I’m REINVENTING MYSELF in 2020.

Sounds good, right? Something you might like to do, perhaps?

Come on, join me and let’s go tackle this together. I’m ALL IN for 2020 on this SWIFT CODING, and I hope you join me too.

Sign up over here and start the program TODAY. I’m not going to ask again…  😉


Vern L.