Backlinks – THE Most Important Part of Your Business

How Can You Get Backlinks to Your Business Blog?

That may be the most important question you ask about your blog today. How in the world can you get people to link to your blog from their blog?

Over the years the equation for backlink success has changed a bit, but the fact remains, the search engines – at least THE BIG ONE – wants to see high quality and high numbers of backlinks pointing directly to your blog.

If you don’t have backlinks – you’re going nowhere. You’re flopping around in a pool of sputum and you’ll eventually tire of swimming and just drown there!


When one page of a website, a blog, or anything online – a tweet at, a link on someone’s feed at Facebook, a post at Tumblr, a link in a thread on a forum about tacos. All of these mean something, in various levels of importance.

The Anatomy of a Backlink

<a href=”” title=”IncZen business link”>IncZen Business Blog Help</a>

This is the HTML code for a link coming from any of the places mentioned. This tells the page that it’s on to create a clickable link that brings people right to my page “blogging.”

The part within quotes following the title= is a little extra bonus that the search engines sometimes use to classify your link. Think about this – the big G! uses EVERYTHING it possibly can to decide if this link to your site is what it looks like it is. It will even look at the sentences and links around your link to decide what to do with that link.

The link text – the anchor text as it’s called, is “IncZen Business Blog Help.” That is the clickable part that people can click on to follow the link to my Blogging page.

If you’re just getting natural links from people that like your content, they are probably just using your domain name for the anchor text. They will use “IncZen” or” or Vern’s blogging site or something else that tells people what the link is pointing to.

Google a long time ago figured out that people who are trying to get links (me and you) will stuff the anchor text with very relevant – perfect – keywords around whatever topic the linked page is about. Meaning, five years ago, if it was me that created the link above, I would have made it like this:

<a href=”” title=”IncZen blogging”>IncZen Blogging Help</a>

I would have made it just like that if I wanted the page “Blogging” to rank higher in G! for the word ‘blogging.’

So, G! has caught on and now you are better off with every link YOU build – to use your domain name for the anchor text.

Why are you better off? G! looks for unnatural linking patterns.