AWEBER – You Need This

Aweber is a list management tool. A what? Right, what kind of list you’re wondering. Aweber is in the business of managing your email leads that come through your website, email – anywhere you can get them online.

Aweber has been in this game for over a decade. They have the industry standard best service on the planet and the top bloggers all either recommend Aweber or insist on them.

Why is that? I’ll get to that – first a little of my own history about my involvement in the list management game.

In 2002 I was part of a small company – three of us plus the owner which later expanded to 5. The company had a front, which was an online greeting card business. Behind the scenes we were ramping up to what eventually became 3,000,000,000 emails sent per month to advertise products from vacuum cleaners to Scrabble games. Yes, that’s 3 billion. Yes, I said per month.

Most of our time was spent searching for leads we could purchase, swap, or sell. We’d buy millions of leads in one buy for penny a lead, half a penny… etc. Was the company successful? We were making over 3 million dollars per year was the official tally – but probably there was more going on behind the scenes that none of us knew about.

Overhead was very low. Our list and mailing costs, plus our salaries were the biggest costs. Oh, I forgot – the girl writing the horribly contrived greeting cards was making over $100K per year herself.

The point of an email list today is – you can sell to the people on your list – whatever it is that you’re selling. You need permission to email someone your offers, newsletter, or other things on a regular basis. Aweber insures you have that permission by means of a “double opt-in”. A double opt-in means the person on your email list has twice confirmed wanting to receive your correspondence. Double opt-in is the only way to go – and what Aweber has built an extremely successful business on, by doing it right.

You may have seen our fade-in pop-up here at Inc. Answers that shows itself about 50 seconds into your visit. It was very simple to create and is part of the Aweber system.

An email campaign for the visitors that want to know about your company or products is essential. Even if you only have 100 customers on your list – you can still write to them and give them more than you’re giving on your website. The best internet marketers have an initial 6-10 messages scheduled to be sent out to each subscriber to their list over time.

You might think that’s a lot… but, more than 80% of sales happen after the 5th email correspondence with your subscribers. So, you’d better be doing 6-10 also!

If you join our correspondence list you’ll be able to watch a new product rollout that we’re doing over the next couple months. We’ll product launch our 34 lesson online eCourse for helping you build your business from an idea to a successful online business.

If you want to add to your income from your blog you must use Aweber. You must have a list of people ready to receive your newsletter, correspondence and special offers and discounts. At the very least, if you don’t have your own products to sell you can sell as an affiliate for some other company with a great product.

What does all this mean to you? I put together a quick screen capture video to show you why, if you have a website and you hope to sell anything at all – even yourself through a newsletter – you’re best to go with Aweber.

Aweber video >