Aweber – Importing Leads from Yahoo Email

If you’re like many others you’ve not started a “real” mailing list for years after you should have. You might have some leads from past customers or those that opted into your email list a while back and that you did little with.

Here’s how to get those email leads of your past customers into Aweber so you can add to your list numbers and start turning some more profit from your email list.

Here’s the screencapture video to walk you through it step by step.

Importing old Yahoo email leads into Aweber >

Here’s the process in an easy format to read:


The Problem:

Getting leads from email program into a nicely formatted list so you can import them into Aweber or some other list management tool.

1st – Does your email account have POP3 access? I think Gmail has it by default. Yahoo does not. Enable POP3 access.

2nd – Open OUTLOOK, I’m using 2003 version. Setup to import the Yahoo email account. (OPTIONS | Email Accounts)

3rd – Once finished importing email into Outlook, drag all emails into one folder there.

4th – Export all to an Excel file. (FILE | Import and Export)

5th – Open the file you created – make sure you have name and email fields only. If not – edit so you have just those two columns. Export from Excel as a .csv file.

6th – Import this file into Aweber, GetResponse or whatever your list management service is.

Aweber requires that everyone on the list opt in again – and will send them out an email requiring them to opt-in. You’ll lose a lot of your leads depending how long ago you acquired them – but, that’s the price you gotta pay.

Smile. You’ve just increased your list size.

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    • Good call Karin – and always advised… make the response as specific to what the new subscriber will get as possible to increase the odds they’ll confirm the opt-in.

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