Web 2.0 Online Training Courses

Web 2.0 is the second generation of web development and design. This 2nd wave is focused on communication, information sharing over secure channels, interoperability between computer systems and software, and group collaboration online. There is a need, if you have an online business or if you’re thinking about starting an ebusiness, to understand all the … Read more Web 2.0 Online Training Courses

Aweber – Importing Leads from Yahoo Email

If you’re like many others you’ve not started a “real” mailing list for years after you should have. You might have some leads from past customers or those that opted into your email list a while back and that you did little with. Here’s how to get those email leads of your past customers into … Read more Aweber – Importing Leads from Yahoo Email

eBusiness PRO Course

The eBusiness PRO Course is specifically for those that already know what they’re doing online either because you completed the 34 Lesson eBusiness Course primer that we offer or because you’re well-versed in online marketing and online business. The eBusiness PRO Course is for those of you that want to take it to the next … Read more eBusiness PRO Course

eBusiness PRIMER 34

We created a 34 lesson ebusiness course to take you from untrepreneur to entrepreneur in about 60 days. You might complete this online course faster – but there is a lot of information to cover. There are a lot of decisions to make regarding your ebusiness. Give yourself about 2 months and you’ll be WELL … Read more eBusiness PRIMER 34

Buying a Basic Business Notebook Computer

Buying a notebook computer for business use is overwhelming these days. Should you buy a notebook, netbook, Macbook, Powerbook,? Will your business computer be better off with a 12″ display, a 14″, or a 17″ that will do everything your business desktop computer will do? Do you need a special business spec notebook computer or … Read more Buying a Basic Business Notebook Computer

Incorporating an eBusiness FAQ

Once you’ve got the idea for an online ebusiness and the motivation you should incorporate. 2 Reasons for incorporating: 1. Protect yourself (Cover Your Assets). Corporations are entirely different entities from the person that owns them in the eyes of the courts and the IRS. 2. Save yourself some money at the end of the … Read more Incorporating an eBusiness FAQ

Google’s PANIC Button for Email: UnSend

For 5 seconds after you hit the send button on your email message in Gmail you can hit the panic button and “unsend” that email. When you do – you’ll be taken back to compose more of your message – either editing something negative you didn’t want to say, adding the attachment you forgot – … Read more Google’s PANIC Button for Email: UnSend

Twitter Tips: Profile “Hot-words”

There’s been a lot of talk about successful Twitter users, power tweeters, if you will. One way to gain more followers on Twitter is to use a biography in your profile so potential follwers can see what you’re all about. This works because people naturally want to follow those that can teach them something and … Read more Twitter Tips: Profile “Hot-words”