Asus Advertising B.S. with Asus Eee PC T91

I’ve been looking to get a touchscreen notebook that I can use for some online ebusiness courses I’ll be developing over the next few months. I really wanted something I could use as a digital whiteboard. I looked at the Lenovo and Toshiba touchscreen notebooks and they are really high priced – over $1,500.

That’s way out of my price range. But, if one of those was my only option I’d find a way to convince da wife make it happen.

I was really excited to find out Asus was making an Eee PC T91 that would be touchscreen. I knew it would be lower priced because their Eee PC line is quite affordable. I was right – looks like it will go for somewhere around $650.

When I went to their site to see if they had any information on it – I saw this photo:

Asus Eee PC T91 computer

Now, it’s a great shot – or it appears to be. Until one realizes the specs on this Eee PC put it at just 8.9 inches for the screen. That’s diagonally. That means the screen itself is less than 8.5 inches wide horizontally.

Anything wrong yet?

This hand model’s hand must be smaller than a child if this a true life photo.

They must have combined two images so they make the tiny notebook computer appear to be bigger, hence, more usable than it really is.

Or, they created a 15 inch wide T91 to use for this shot – again, distorting the true size of the tiny Eee PC. 8.5″ is as wide as a piece of white computer paper. That’s TINY.

Who are they kidding here?

I really don’t like advertising tricks. I don’t like internet marketers that sell systems, products, dreams that don’t work. I’m really fed up with the lies. This isn’t the way the world should work.

Advertising is FULL of these tricks designed to, as one very successful internet marketer put it – suck every last dollar out of your pocket.

2 thoughts on “Asus Advertising B.S. with Asus Eee PC T91”

  1. I think it’s exactly the reverse.

    Nobody would buy it if it was a 15″. There is no market for huge, non-handable tablets.

    We want our T91 to be tiny. And lightweight. That’s the point of the product.

    So, if anything, this picture could cost Asus sales, not generate sales!!

    • Hmm, I see your point. But, I like my point better. heh-heh… I think by making the PC appear bigger it makes it appear more useful. An 8.9″ keyboard is impossible for most people to type on – isn’t it? I’ve tried on a 10″ and I can barely make it work. It’s not a fun experience. By blowing this one up they make it look usable – when in fact, it really isn’t for most people. They have to appeal to most people – not just those with children’s hands. I’d love to see a regular guy’s hands in front of the real T91. I’d love to see video of a guy with regular sized hands typing on a keyboard like this.

      You with me yet?

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