About Us

IncZen is a small group of American expats and Thai nationals in Southern Thailand (Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui) focused on helping our clients reach new heights for their business primarily through Google Search. We write content, edit content, optimize for SEO, and create websites (online businesses).

We Offer:

  • Google SEO optimization, new websites, optimization of existing sites
  • Amazon affiliate program setup
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube ads setup
  • Power Page article writing (3,000 to 50,000+ words)
  • Simple content article creation (500 to 2,000 words)
  • Fast communication back and forth with all clients
  • 20 years of experience in SEO and website development
  • The highest online marketing expertise in Thailand

Tell Us How We Can Help:

Browse Some Projects from the Past

We have been steadily creating, optimizing, and selling online businesses over the past 20 years. Though most clients don’t wish to publicize their websites, we’ve chosen a handful of websites we’ve developed and optimized in the past. Note – some websites are not owned by us now, they have new owners.

  • Headlamps101.com – an Amazon affiliate website we created two years ago to capitalize on the need for quality information about headlamps for camping, running, spelunking, cycling, and other activities.
  • AimforAwesome.com – a labor of love initially as our founder was infatuated with the Hawaiian Islands after living as a resident of Oahu and Maui for 6 years. The site was eventually sold to a new owner but the site is still ranked very highly for terms relating to “Living in Hawaii.”
  • Crank101.com – focused on positivity, mental and physical health and fitness.
  • ThaiPulse.com – a Thailand blog for over a decade. The domain and page authority on this site is very high, so whatever topic we write about in Thailand gets high rankings quickly in Google. Try “Thailand ants” or “Thailand Nikon” and see how high we are in the SERPs.
  • ThaiAmuletSales.com – retail sale of Buddhist amulets from Thailand. Ranked highly for many terms.
  • VernLovic.com – mainly a showcase for our founder’s writing accomplishments.

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