7 Easy SEO Tips for Your Business Website

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is something every business owner needs to be aware of and in-tune with to keep their website in the search results for keywords that are important to them.

Here are 7 easy SEO tips to help your business website:

1. Remove links to the designer of your business website from the footer. If you bought your WordPress theme you can remove those links. If you are using a free WordPress theme you can probably remove any hyperlinks to the creator of your theme and yet keep the web address intact. At the very least you can use the “nofollow” attribute in your code like this… <a href=”http://www.webdesigner.com” rel=”nofollow”>Web site designer</a> and that way you won’t be passing any Google juice (page rank) to the designer’s site and you’ll retain it for your own links. Do this for ALL outside links you don’t wish to pass PageRank votes to.

2. Use unique Title tags on each page of your business website. Use just 1 title tag for each page. Make sure the title matches the content of your page very well.

3. Search “http://blogsearch.google.com” using keywords that are important to your business. Leave comments at blogs. Instead of just using your name in the name field use your name, vertical line, and your business like: Dean | StartUSABusiness. Most site owners will allow that. Don’t try to put hyperlinks in your comments – most webmasters see that as spam and just delete your comment.

Leave amazing comments – add something to the article – make people think you really know the subject of the article. What you’re trying to do is help the website owner out enough that they don’t delete your comment, and entice other readers of the article and comments to visit your business site.

4. Include your business address, email, phone, fax, and copyright statement in the footer of every page. Google is one search engine that considers these things important – especially for business websites.

5. Register your domain name for your business website for at least 3 years, or for 10 years if you want to be sure. Some preference is given toward domains that are registered long-term because that implies the site owner is dedicated to this business website with a long-term vision.

6. Ensure your website is not hosted on slow servers. There are a number of places to check the download time of your business website’s pages. A page should never take a second or more to download on a very high speed connection. Keep the size of your pages under 100kb for best results too.

7. From your business home page link to the most important pages of your site. Then, from all pages of your site – ensure that the most important pages are linked to. Google looks at the internal link structure of your site to determine what you think are the most important pages – those that are linked to prominently and most – are the most important pages and stand the best chance of being ranked highly in the search engine results pages.

Of course there are another couple hundred things to make sure you’re doing correctly to keep your site ranking highly in the best search engines. If you’re interested in learning a lot more about it – so you don’t have to pay someone to optimize your website for you – we’ll be offering some elearning courses in the near future to help you out. Stay tuned…