5 Great Reasons to Add a Business Blog to Your Website

5 Great Reasons to Start a Business Blog:

1. Search engines like Google have increasingly emphasized adding new material to your website on a frequent and recurring basis. Those sites that do not add content often aren’t showing up in Google’s search results at the top anymore. It’s a fact of life that your business site must be adding content all the time to be seen as relevant in whatever niche your business is focused on. Adding a blog helps with this immensely. Shoot for updating your blog daily for best results.

2. Before blogs you had to create a new page at your website to announce something… To add a new blog page takes as long as it takes you to type it and hit “publish”. Your business blog can be kept up to date with just snippets of information instead of building whole pages. You can post short notes of 2-3 lines to let everyone know some crucial information – like a sale or a deadline.

3. With a blog for your business you can share a part of your personality – of yourself and your company, with the public. Blogs make it easy to share not only text, but photos, mp3s, videos, links, phone numbers and other ways to reach you like at Twitter and Facebook. As your personality shows through your blog you’ll be able to make connections with people you’d not otherwise make. You’ll help visitors feel more at home and more like they know you. Adding a blog adds this crucial dimension to your customer’s online experience.

4. A business blog gives visitors another way to connect with you besides phone and email. The comments section of your business blog can do wonders for answering questions and connecting with potential customers that may have never called or emailed you with a comment. Use the comments section to add complete answers to questions that everyone can read and learn from. Use the comments section to show the human side of your business.

5. Blogs enable a business owner to add, remove and edit content easily without the need for a webmaster. Business owners can make changes themselves – the blog empowers them to make instant changes, and announcements. for you.