5 Free Ways to Promote Your Website

1. Website promotion through strong SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is free as long as you know what you’re doing. You can learn basic SEO tips from a number of resources. Soon we’ll have an elearning course here to help you learn much more about it. SEO basically means optimizing the layout of your site and the off-site factors that go into helping you rank in the search engines for keywords that are important to your business. Google has sent over 1 million visitors to our sites over the years – well over. We didn’t pay Google anything for sending those visitors to our site – some of which became customers. Some of them long-time customers.

That’s VERY powerful. When done right, this promotional tool can be all you need to create a successful online business.

2. Inbound Links –

These are links pointing to the pages of your website and they are powerful for a couple reasons. Number one reason is because people will see them on the other site and follow them to see what your site is all about. You can gain business customers this way.

The other reason inbound links are important is because Google and other search engines count them as a vote for your site. Google figures that if the owner of one site is linking to another – that other site must be worthy of a vote in the Google index too. It registers those. Through Google – eventually more people will find your website because the inbound links have power.

Tip: See how many sites link to your home page by using Yahoo’s link checker – which registers more than Google’s checker. Got to search at Yahoo.com and enter  link:www.yourbusiness.com to see those pages that are linking to your home page.

3. Guest Post

Find some of the big players in your niche and offer to write an article for them – for free, just for a link back to your site. The person you’re dealing with might choose to rel=”nofollow” your link so pagerank doesn’t transfer, but usually they let it slide as they’re happy to have free content for their site – and one less post they need to write themselves.

Not only will Google notice you have a link from a major site, but the visitors to that other site will get to read a little blurb about you in a short biography – or from the link leading to your site. It’s a win-win idea that you shouldn’t pass up if you want some free promotion and you can write 1 article well enough to help your cause.

4. Web 2.0 or Social Networking

There are a few hundred social networks you could join today if you chose to. Friendster, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter, etc. Social networks offer ways to get your name out there in places that help you become seen. Profiles you create for yourself on these networks are often times registered by Google and other search engines – leading to higher rank for websites you list yourself as owner for.

5. Blogging

Whether you have a traditional website or a blog you can blog. Creating content around the subject area of your business is a smart way to pick up long-tail search engine traffic because you have more content at your blog and people are often looking for specific bits of information. Add a blog to a subdirectory of your current site if you don’t already have one. Blogging has real benefit – not only for Google but for creating a brand for your business – you can sculpt and mold your brand more directly and also add personalization to it by showing part of your personality as you write.