4 Hour Work Week

A friend got me this book and I have to say – it’s a good read. It’s not a smooth read, but a good one. There are a number of points that really hit me – and that’s always enough to make it a good book. Even 1 good point that blows me away is awesome. This had a handful of them. I’ll cover the ones that hit me hardest…

1st – Stop playing in dreamspace occupied by 90% of the world. Dream unrealistically and far out – because there is a lot less competition there. Great ideas come from far out dreams. I have some far out dreams, and always put a lid on them for being too nutty.

My latest far out dream? Take this if you want, it’s a guaranteed successful business:

“Born Again! and Again! and Again!”

Basically it’s a spa type deal. A person goes inside. Strips naked. Climbs into a silicon bladder that zips up – ziplock style in the fetal position. The water is warm and, well, just like umbilical fluid. The person lays sideways inside a rubber form fitting model of a giant woman. There is a snorkel or something giving air and the mom is also zipped up. The experiencer lays in what is the womb… and experiences the outside world like this for up to 15 minutes or so.

Then the birth pangs begin. Screams are heard. And a team of spa attendees push the silicon bladder with experiencer in it – towards the uterus and out the fagina where there are lights blinding you and the bladder pops open and you lay there naked in the slushy umbilical fluid mess.

Talk about an experience!

I love the idea – but, don’t see it catching on here in Thailand. Japan  yes. Thailand – not for now. USA – yes. I can see this working. Cost? About $79 to be born again.

I have other ideas that are stretching the bounds of morality… decency. I’ll keep them to myself for now.

2nd – The point of starting a business is to remove yourself from it. Get it going – and ease yourself out. Empower managers, workers to make decisions. Review their decisions closely at first – and later, every week or month. Have extensive FAQ’s. Don’t answer email. Don’t attend meetings.

3rd – Get rid of customers that aren’t in the top 20%. Just drop them. You’re spending 80% of time with them to figure out issues and work on problems. They cost you 10 times as much as good customers that just pay repeatedly and love you. Find more like this and drop the rest. You’ll free up your time too.

It’s funny – Tim Ferris would consider me one of the “New Rich”.

I don’t consider myself that yet.

Another few years maybe?

Great book – buy it – you’ll be WOWED a couple times. And that’s enough to make it worth the price of the book.