3,993,221 Page Views in 30 Months

Over last 30 months my main 6 sites have had 3,993,221 page views.

I’ve written over 1,700 blog posts and another 2200 pages and articles on traditional websites.

Over on my YouTube account – the main account anyway, I’ve had 1,900,000+ views. At our Thai Food account – almost half a million.

We started a lot of projects over the last two years. Quite frankly I’m interested in many different areas and no one area is more interesting than any of the others. Though there are 6 main sites, I’ve started over 30 websites in the last 3 years. Now I have a good idea what is working and what isn’t working and know better where to focus.

Sometimes you have to start many projects to see – what is going to work. Other times, you’re interested in just one thing – maybe two, and you knock those out because you have the passion to focus there and really kill it.

Where will I be mainly in 2010?

I’m looking at two areas: video and ebooks. I love to do both and I’m wondering if I should go ahead and tie them together and make a run at it. Ebooks by themselves can be boring – no doubt. Dry topics are boring. Video is THE wave of the future and now – and I think tying ebooks together with video is going to be time well spent.


Apple’s itablet – if/when it materializes is probably going to be moving this direction. Apple likely doesn’t want just an ereader device. It wants a device that does it all. It wants a device that works for the magazine industry as well as ebooks and video. Some are saying it will tie it all together to bring video into the ebook. This is the space I want to be in. I want to create fun to read ebooks that are unique written and video content that my affiliates can sell for me.

The hardest piece of the puzzle for internet success is finding the traffic to look at what you’re selling. It’s ungodly difficult to create a site and either ramp it up in Google and social media sites, or just pay for traffic straight out and hope you are able to make sales.

It’s better by a factor of 100+ to just create your own content – whatever it is, and go out and find websites that have traffic and don’t know what to do with it – or, that fits your niche well and is a good match for the products and services you have to sell.

Where will you be in 2010?