eBusiness PRIMER 34

We created a 34 lesson ebusiness course to take you from untrepreneur to entrepreneur in about 60 days. You might complete this online course faster – but there is a lot of information to cover. There are a lot of decisions to make regarding your ebusiness. Give yourself about 2 months and you’ll be WELL on your way to a profitable online business.

eBusiness Course Outline:

Intro:  What is this E-Learning Course All About?

Lesson 1 – What is the Approach You’re Teaching?

What Works?

Lesson 2 – What e-Products Work?
Lesson 3 – Selling Other People’s Content (OPC)
Lesson 4 – Assess Your Interests
Lesson 5 – Choose a Product to Create
Lesson 6 – The Cockpit. Every online business owner has one. Here’s how to optimize your cockpit and create the right atmosphere for being online and getting things done.

Domain & Website Development

Lesson 7 – Domain name, Website Name, E-Product Name, Corporate Name
Lesson 8 – Incorporating Your Business
Lesson 9 – Hosting your Online Business
Lesson 10 – Creating Your Online Business Website with WordPress.
Lesson 11 – Graphics: Customizing your Site
Lesson 12 – Forms on Your Site: Essential Forms

Monetizing Your Site: Money.

Lesson 13 – E-Commerce Solutions. How will you collect payment?
Lesson 14 – Affiliates: You Lay the Golden Egg, Affiliates Sell them.
Lesson 15 – Lead Generation, List Building, Email Campaigns, Newsletters

Google SEO

Lesson 16 – Google SEO: You WANT be a Player in this Game
— It’s not impossible to rank. It’s just about impossible to rank QUICKLY anymore though.
— an overview of the basics that anyone can do – Title, Metas, copyright, address, basic
— pages Google wants to see
Lesson 17 – Optimizing your WordPress Blog for Google

Content Creation

Lesson 18 – Podcasting, Podcast Feeds, Auto Podcasting
Lesson 19 – Creating Digital Video
Lesson 20 – The Ultimate e-Learning Program

Traffic Referral Sources

Lesson 21 – YouTube Video as Referral Source
Lesson 22 – Flickr Photos as a Referral Source

Web 2.0 Social Media Tools

Lesson 23 – StumbleUpon, Digg
Lesson 24 – Technorati & Del.icio.us
Lesson 25 – Twitter & Facebook
Lesson 26 – Link Building: Directories, Buying Links, Other Strategies
Lesson 27 – Joining Organizations Primarily for Building Trust

Google Tools

Lesson 28 – Google Mail, Alerts, Personalized Home page, Blog Tools
Lesson 29 – Google Reader: RSS, Feedburner
Lesson 30 – Google’s Webmaster Tools
Lesson 31 – Google Analytics – Pros and Cons
Lesson 32 – Google Apps – Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentation
Lesson 33 – Google Checkout
Lesson 34 – Google Maps

Once you finish this online business course you’ll be ready for our eBusiness PRO Course either immediately, or after you catch up on the implementation of all you learned.

The eBusiness PRO course will show you the next level of eBusiness – special skills needed to master the online business world in whatever niche you’re passionate about.

You’ll receive a meaningful discount on all eBusiness courses and individual lessons once you purchase this 34 Lesson eBusiness Primer. In addition, you’ll be able to go through the entire course 3 times before your login doesn’t work anymore. If you need to go through more than that – just let us know and we’ll likely give you another couple rounds.

Because we’re reasonable like that.

Both the 34 Lesson Primer and the eBusiness PRO Courses come with 1 year access to our eBusiness forum and direct email for questions about anything you didn’t understand from the course.

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    • Me too! I’m in the planning stages – creating outlines for each lesson -what all I’ll cover, what will be video, what will be slides, audio, etc. Keep watching – but, don’t get too excited for another couple months. Got some more projects working on at present. 🙂

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