10 Reasons to Start Learning Swift to Make iPhone (iOS) Apps

Part of the Udemy IOS 12 SWIFT Course with Angela Yu. Highly recommended if you’re looking to learn Swift comprehensively, quickly, and with a smile on your face.

I was going to put these 10 reasons to begin learning the Swift programming language newly developed by Apple on a video, but we don’t even have daylight over here yet and I’m itching to get started!

10 Reasons to Start Learning Swift Now!

1. Jump in while Swift is hot! The Swift language was just created by Apple developers and released to the public in June of 2014. Some programmers that used Obj-C to code apps in the past are switching over, but it’s going slowly. As a new programmer getting in on the ground level – you can get the jump on others that are slow to switch.

2. There is no easier way to write iPhone and iPad apps. Period. Apple made Swift easy, fast, robust, and intuitive! Sure, you can still use Objective C, but Swift is faster and with all the new changes (upgrades over these past 5 years, there is no better way to create iOS apps than with XCode and SWIFT.

3. There are over 1-BILLION iOS devices in the world today which can use the apps you create tomorrow. It’s a massive market with a lot of potential. Write apps for them!

4. It’s a damn-good excuse to buy a new MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro with retina screen – completely without guilt!

5. You’ll almost surely get a pay-raise when you finish a comprehensive bootcamp!

6. Your parents will love you MORE because now you’ve done something with your life!

7. You’re not getting any younger. I think I’m probably the oldest person to begin learning Swift EVER – and I’m only 53. I figure I can program for another 22 years. How long do you have?

8. Worst-case scenario – you work for someone part-time as a freelance Swift Coder and make a few thousand dollars a year. Bonus!

9. Average-case scenario – you work for yourself or another company full-time and only make $50,000-70,000 per year!

10. Best-case scenario? You SMASH IT and make more money than Elon Musk with a ridiculously simple and insanely fun app that makes people laugh hilariously and turns them into addicts that crave every app you make!

So is it really as good as all this?

No, come on.


Start learning today and your life will never be the same.