American Tech Assistant – Virtual Assistant (Very Affordable) to help with your project

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Hi, I’m Vern Lovic. I grew up in Pennsylvania in the states. I have been working in many areas of technology and marketing since 1996.

MANY PEOPLE HAVE A SOB STORY ABOUT COVID. I lost 8 online income streams as a result. Now I’m struggling. I only need to make $30/day to cover expenses for my family. If you have any task I can do to get me close to this number, I’d be most grateful.

Work/Education Path:

  • 1996 Master’s in Psychology (USF, Tampa, FL.)
  • 1996-1998 Break-fix Technician for hardware and network issues at Entech
  • 1998 MCSE with Microsoft
  • 1998-2000 Webmaster w/ SEO bonuses
  • 2000 to Present Building online businesses for myself and occasionally contracting for others
  • 2002 to 2004 Ad Buyer and Marketing Manager (Oahu, Maui)
  • 2004 to Present Website Owner/Developer, SEO, Marketing, Author, YouTuber (55+ million views) in Thailand.
  • 2008 to 2016 Self-published Author at Amazon
  • Present – I have a couple of Amazon affiliate sites running ads from ad networks as well.

Currently looking for Tasks to do or Short or Long-term Projects where I can help you with what you’re doing. I have a lot of experience in many different areas. Training me to do the task will take minimal time. I promise I’ll do my best work.

Tasks I Can Do for You as a Virtual Assistant (Tech Assistant)

  • Write or Edit Content for your website
  • Write or Edit a Book for you
  • Video Editing/Creation
  • Video/Audio Transcription
  • SEO Audit of your website
  • Find Keywords for your website
  • Create a Website for you
  • Edit a WordPress Website for you
  • Create Graphics
  • Explain Something Tech-Related to you
  • Ask-Me-Anything about Tech on a chat

I can’t do EVERYTHING, but I can figure out how and either help you do it or do it for you.

Consider me a High-Level Tech Admin Assistant for whatever you need.


Books Published at Amazon – See Author Page here.

Current Websites


I need to make at least $30 per day to cover our expenses. The task you have for me may only be $10/hour and you need 1 hour. We can probably work something out. Super flexible and reasonable rates that you likely cannot find anywhere else. I’m motivated to work for you because I’d much rather work doing what I love (online work) and I do not want to teach English again.


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