Step 1 – Starting Your Blog

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Starting Your Own Blog to Help You Pay the Bills

Blogs blowing up and making passive income.
Are you doing all that is necessary to BLOW YOUR BLOG UP?

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Most of us would love some help in paying the bills. Most of us also know nothing comes for free. With blogging to make money, it’s true also. You can make a blog in about 4 minutes (click to see video), but then what? The entire focus of this site is to help you get through the easy steps to make a blog and start making income from it. Follow along through all these steps and make it happen for you THIS YEAR. Don’t delay. People are still making piles of money by starting new blogs.

You have to want it. Better than that, is if you really NEED IT. If you need the extra money, you’ll be more inspired to do what it takes to ‘get there.’

Speaking of GETTING THERE. Sign up now before you forget.

I’ve been working online for myself since the year 2000. That’s about fifteen years now. If the internet and online business hadn’t of come along I guess I would have been an Air Traffic Controller or something else where I was trading my hours of work for money.


There is nothing like it. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and checking email and accounts online to see how much money we made while we were sleeping. I cannot wait to give my daughter the keys to the palace when she’s ready to take it all over. That’s what it’s about for me – leaving my daughter something that can provide for her over the course of her lifetime.

Pay the bills, and then share the wealth.

Ok, lets get started. Starting a website is about as easy as falling in a hole. But, more fun.

Steps to Get Started Creating Your Own Blog

1. Ask yourself, “What Do I Want To Blog About?”

Answer that question by looking at things you like to do.

Like to run? You can make money from a blog about running.

Like to cook? You can make a food blog that creates income for you every month.

Like to talk about current events? You can make a podcast and blog and talk your way to a fortune. Many people are making very interesting podcasts right now. All it requires is a computer, a microphone, free software that comes with your Mac computer (Garageband) or PC (Audacity), and a website with free podcasting software.

The most important part of blogging for an income is deciding WHAT to focus on. If you know what you’re going to focus on, great, let’s do this.

2. How much TIME will you give to your blog?

If you want to give an hour a week, you have a reasonable possibility of making about ten cents a week. Really. It just isn’t THAT easy. Money doesn’t fall out of trees and land in your bank account for doing nothing. Unfortunately some people have this idea in their heads.

As a minimum you’ll need a few hours a week to do anything with your blog. Ideally, you are really motivated to make more money and maybe get away from your nine-to-five job. If you’re motivated, you can tell because you spend all your free time thinking about and working on ideas that will help you make money online. If you work nine-to-five, you still have from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily to work on your own projects. Forget about TV. Forget about hour long phone conversations. Forget about everything except making your blog and other online projects – successful. That’s what it takes.

3. What will your DOMAIN NAME be? was chosen because it is very short and the meaning is crystal clear. At least to me it is! It’s like business zen. Online business zen in particular, but adding ‘online’ would have made it less than ideal. I like the short 6-letter domain name. I love short domain names. None of my other domains are that short. I have,,,, and about fifteen others. None are near as short as this one. So, a short domain name is easy to remember and can be memorable. Ideally your name will be just like that. It would be great if you could keep the name under fifteen characters or so.

Keep in mind, the domain name is like a nickname, you can change it anytime, or add to your collection anytime. Once you have a hosting account, you can add domain names and entire websites to that hosting account with no problem. Domain names cost from $10 to $15 per year in 2015 and it’s likely that before this is all over, you will have a number of them! One time we had over 100 domain names at BlueHost.

If you have some ideas for domains right now – try them out in the little tool below. It will tell you what is available and what is already taken.

Enter a name you like below (;;; etc.)

Tip – If the tool says TLD needed – you just have to add a .com or .org or .net on the end of your domain name and re-try.

IMPORTANT – if you find a domain name you like, you can purchase it right away. Click the “AVAILABLE, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! link that pops up in that tool.

Here is the video walk through instruction set for that.

Start your first blog here (and get a free domain name – worth $12-15): Start a Blog in 5-Minutes Video

The company I used for years for hosting all my blogs,
is having a huge sale that is probably going to end shortly.

They are offering complete hosting and a free domain name for less than $5 per month. It’s not only a great deal as far as money, but, BlueHost is one of the top 2 hosting companies in the world (IMHO) and they have my full endorsement as a long-term customer of theirs.


Once you know the domain name you need, go get the hosting account at BlueHost because they also give you the domain name for free. Getting hosting sounds complicated. I did a video where I show you how to do it in less than 5-minutes. See the video here if you want to be walked through it.

5. Install the WORDPRESS blogging software. There are a few steps to starting your blog.

We already covered the first two steps:

1. Domain Name

2. Hosting.

Now the third part is installing WordPress, but, guess what? In the video I mentioned above, I already show you how to do that. The video is great because it knocks out the first 3 steps in just 4-minutes! Click here to see the video. ((((

WordPress is free software that powers about one-fourth of all internet websites across the globe. Amazing, right? And, it’s free.

You can install it the hard way, or the easy way.

The easy way is just to get the hosting account and free domain at BlueHost and then push a button in the control panel at your BlueHost account dashboard, and WordPress is installed FOR YOU! Trust me, that is as easy as it’s going to get.

WordPress is updated a few times each year so they can keep giving you the best for nothing. Once it is installed the first time, updates are as easy as pushing a button in your WordPress dashboard.

So far, so good, right? All easy up to this point!

6. Choose a Blog THEME.

After choosing a domain name, choosing the style and colors of your blog will be the biggest and most difficult decision you will make! WordPress offers a free selection of basic themes that you might start using. None of them are good enough though, in my opinion.

Instead, get yourself a premium WordPress theme. I only use three themes for all of my websites.

  • Enfold – I purchased this theme a few months ago and it has paid me back considerably during this short time. This is a theme I found other top bloggers across the country in all sorts of niches (areas of interest) using, so I thought – what the heck, I’ll get it too. I installed it at my software code training site. Purchase it here through our affiliate link.
  • WooThemes has a great little free plugin that will enable your Enfold theme to sell products with a shopping cart that works great with just a simple PayPal account. The plugin for your Enfold theme is called, “WooCommerce.” This free plugin adds a shopping cart to your blog for free. It’s amazing and strongly recommended if you are planning on selling something. See this site for a sample of how the plugin arranges products you can sell on your blog with the Enfold theme – Thai Buddhas.
  • Avada – This has been the top selling theme for online bloggers focused on making money for two years now. It is a highly responsive theme that, just like Enfold above, is appropriate for many types of sites. There is a ton of helpful support information online when you buy this theme too. Get it here through our affiliate link.

7. CUSTOMIZE Your Blog.

Now that you have all that done, there are still some things you need to do to your blog to give you the best chance at success. There are many ways you can make money with your blog.

Ways to Make Money with Your Blog:

1. Write interesting posts, your traffic grows, and you put Adsense or other ads on your site. You get paid when visitors click the ads.

2. Same as above, but you charge companies directly to put ads on your site, usually pre-paid in 3, 6, or 12 month blocks.

3. Sell something digital – ebook, report, story, guide, book, music, video, etc.

4. Create a membership site people pay to join. There are plugins to help you do this, and some are free!

5. Build a large email list and sell items or services through it.

6. Become an affiliate at,, or other affiliate site and sell other people’s products for commission.

7. Ramp up your visitor traffic and sell your site.

There are many other ways you can make some money from a website. A long time ago (1999) I built a website that helped people incorporate their business. Customers would fill out a form on my site, submit it to me, pay the fee and my fee, and I would go to the Florida State website to file the incorporation for them. I made about $100 per customer. It was a great little business, but I wasn’t into it. After a few months, I sold the business for nearly $20,000.

I have a friend that sold his addiction blog for $200,000 about two years ago. I have another friend that sells his programming services on his site. He’s making around $100,000 per year from home. Another friend writes articles for websites and gets paid as a freelance writer. He’s making about $50,000 per year writing for 3-4 hours per day. There are many ways to make extra money – you’ll find at least one way you like if you’re motivated to do this.

Layout and colors can be changed in the theme. Graphics, like images, can either be shot by you or someone else. Probably the best money you ever spent, besides giving yourself a website and hosting, would be to learn how to do graphics at a beginner’s level. There are so many little tweaks that you can do yourself with graphics rather than hire someone. For bigger projects, yes, hire someone. If you want someone good, we know a guy in the Philippines that does website graphics. He’s very good, cheap, and easy to work with. Or, choose your own, there are many graphic designers all over You just post your project up there and freelance web graphics designers bid on it.


Well that about sums up the process of how to start your own blog and get started making money with it. Though I wrote a LOT about starting a blog yourself, it really isn’t a big deal at all. There are very few steps:

1. Choose a domain name.

2. Get your hosting at BlueHost – and a free domain name if you don’t have one already.

If you need to have me walk you through it – follow this video exactly:

3. Install WordPress with a click or two.

4. Purchase and install either the Avada or the Enfold theme or other theme.

To make money from your blog does take more effort, of course. There are thousands of things you might sell, and hundreds of ways you might monetize your blog (make money from it). Stick with us and we’ll show you all we know.

Note – some of the links here are affiliate links which means that we make a small commission off services you buy after clicking them. You never pay more money to click our links, and sometimes you can pay considerably less money by using the links we provide for you. 🙂